“You can try and take us from Ghana football but the name will still remain for years” – Rahim Ayew hits at the critics of Dede and Jordan Ayew

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Rahim Ayew, elder brother of Andre and Jordan Ayew has taken a swipe at the critics of the two brothers.

Following Ghana’s shocking exit from the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon, the two brother have heavily been criticized by a section of Ghanaian football lovers. The brothers have been accused of underperforming and holding the team back.

Reacting to the stern criticism, Rahim Ayew divulged that his family is unbothered about what is going on and there’s no way anyone can cleanse the name of his family from Ghana football.

“Trust me, personally if I tell you I watch TV then I am lying. We are not bothered by what is going on at all,” he told Adom TV.

“Why should we be bothered? ” he quizzed. “Sometimes you look at the person criticizing you and your life, there is a big difference so why should we waste our time on such a person?

“You can try and take us from Ghana football but the name will still remain for years. What God has written, no man can take away. We have children, the name Ayew will still be there,” he added.

Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew have been integral members of the Black Stars team since making their debut in 2007 and 2010 respectively, making over 170 appearances and scoring 41 goals.

The two brothers have also represented Ghana at multiple AFCON tournaments and at the World Cup.

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