“Why is my mother dead?” – Berekum Chelsea owner Nana Kwame Nketiah insists he’s not hurt by Oduro Sarfo’s resignation

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Owner of Berekum Chelsea, Nana Kwame Nketiah has insisted that he’s not hurt by the surprise resignation of the club’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nana Oduro Sarfo.

The Ex-co member on Wednesday announced his resignation after he was heavily criticized by Ghanaian football followers for his unsophisticated comments following criticism on the state of the Berekum Golden City park during the game between Berekum Chelsea and Asante Kotoko.

“The footballers who played on the pitch are they not the same payers who play on sakora pitches. Are they not playing on Monday Special Sakora pitches?,” Oduro Sarfo said on Monday in an interview with Saddiq Obama on Angel FM.

“I am an Ex-Co member and so what?

“You can say whatever you want to say, I don’t care. I didn’t beg you to call me. I am watching a Nigerian movie now, that’s precious to me.

“I have finished playing the game, if you have qualms go and collect the points.

“Nobody has tasked you to enquire why we played football on that pitch. If pictures are going around, what hasn’t happened before.

“Is football dead? why don’t you face the reality. I have finished playing the game, go and collect the points.

“I did not take anybody’s money before playing the game. I invested in my own game. That’s it. Forget it!!!

“We have played the game on the pitch, if you’re unhappy we don’t care. We shall continue to play on the pitch,” he ended.

In swift reply to the matter, Berekum Chelsea on Tuesday issued a press statement distancing itself from the unacceptable comments made by their CEO.

Reacting to Oduro Sarfo’s resignation, owner of the club, Nana Kwame Nketiah thanked him for his services but says he is not hurt with his exit from the club.

“His exit has some effect but not to the larger extend. if you are in the same house and all of a sudden one moves, it will definitely affect you but we will manage situations,” he said on Peace FM.

Asked if he is hurt about his exit, he said, “Why, is my mother dead” he quizzed.

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