War of words between former Kotoko gaffer Kjetil Zachariassen and former management member Edmund Ackah

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The long standing battle between Asante Kotoko and erstwhile manager Kjetil Zachariassen doesn’t seem to end soon.

The former Kotoko manager in an interview with Oyerepa FM descended heavily on the management blaming them for the clubs woes. He described them as “selfish” and “unknowledgeable” about building a club.

“I always believe that coaches need to be coaches and management should be doing management they should never miss that,” he told Oyerepa FM.

“But the way they did it is way over the line by far over the line. When they point with their finger to one person, 3 is going back to them,don’t blame others blame themselves.

“When we had a meeting and they wanted to sack me, all of them were there all management and quote me they said Coach now we are here at crossroads, so they want to sack me and I said if I am going we should all go because we are in this together, we have done this together.

“They don’t have understanding on how to build a club ,they don’t know “shit”about building a club, they know nothing.

“They do evaluation after their own bellies is not good. So they should have left with me.

“All of them in the management should leave their post ,all of them, they should have left when I left.”

He also went on to predict the early sacking of current gaffer Maxwell Konadu.

“They should not fire Maxwell now, let him stay but they will fire him and blame him, Kotoko supporters are tired of them, how they run the club, all they think is about themselves their bellies”.

Kjetil Zachariassen’s critical criticism of the Asante Kotoko management was never slipping by without a reply.

Ex-Kotoko management member Edmund Ackah in reply launched a blistering attack on the Norwegian manager. He labeled him a “criminal“.

“Zachariassen is a criminal. This is somebody who was trying to bring in a U-17 goalkeeper from Cote d’Ivoire to Asante Kotoko when we had the likes of Felix Annan, Kwame Baah, Danlad and Muntari Tagoe which management opposed,” Ackah said.

“Same management he’s attacking today alerted him on his coaching Certificate that it was inappropriate which he didn’t know.

“This same coach tried evading tax when he’s paid and was paying school fees of some Journalists at Light FM to propagate his agenda.

“I can speak for myself and my brother Nana Kwame Dankwah, we are not working for Kotoko because of our belly, he should get that and ask the one who employed him if I and my brother are after Kotoko’s money.

“If people are in Kotoko for their stomach, then he should look elsewhere because I and Nana Kwame Dankwah don’t do that and was not there because of our stomach.”

Mr. Edmund Ackah last week resigned from his position as Greater Accra Representative of the club, whiles Zacharriasen was sacked last year by the club after poor performances in Africa. Kotoko who were found guilty of contract breaching were ordered to pay $12,425 as compensation to the Norwegian manager.

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