Twenty tribes battle for honor and bragging rights in the second edition of the Zongo inter-tribal football gala

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The talking has been done and it is time to walk the walk as the second edition of the Zongo intertribal gala comes our way.

The competition this year is slated to commence on Monday, February 14 and it promises to be exciting then it was last year.

Twenty different tribes will battle for honor and bragging rights in the competition that is purposely played to promote peace and unity in the community and also provide footballers the chance to showcase their talent.

The Preliminary round of the competition offers us some tasty fixtures. Kado and Chokosi will kick start the competition on Monday. Last year’s winners, the Zabarmas will face the Ewes, Moshie face Bissa, Hausa face Wala and so on.

The games will kick off at 4:00 pm and will be played at the Kanda cluster of Schools park.

Preliminary Round fixtures:

Kado vs Chokosi

Dagomba vs Yoruba

Bassla vs Chamba

Hausa vs Wala

Guruma vs Dandee

Zabarma vs Ewe

Wangara vs Fulani

Kotokoli vs Ga Ada

Moshie vs Bissa

Sisala vs Akans

Qualification format: Winners of the 10 games progress to the Round of 16. The best 6 losers in the Preliminary round also advance to the Round of 16.

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