“This is not a movie, it’s serious,” – Ghanaian defender, Najeeb Yakubu opens up on his situation in Ukraine amid attacks from Russia

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Ghanaian defender, Najeeb Yakubu who plies his trade in Ukraine for FC Vorskla Poltava has opened up on his situation in the country following an attacking from Russia.

Russian forces on Thursday launched a military assault on neighbouring Ukraine, crossing its borders and bombing military targets near big cities.

Narrating the events of the invasion that has forced a number of people to flee from their homes, Najeeb Yakubu revealed that he only received an emergency message from the team asking him to stay home and safe after training was cancelled on Thursday.

“Yesterday when I went to training, everything was fine. This morning, I woke up to the news [of the attack]. They sent an emergency message that there wouldn’t be training and that we should stay at home and be safe. I called my friends in the city that was attacked and they said this is not a movie, it’s serious,” Najeeb told Citi Sports.

“I am about an hour and a half away from Kharkiv, a city that’s been attacked. We’re just confused and we’re stuck here. Nothing is working; no banks, trains, taxis, airports or restaurants, nothing. Everything is finished in the shops. We don’t know what to do. We have to move as soon as possible but how can we? We are stuck here.”

“There’s not enough [groceries]. You can’t get enough because before you get to the shops, it’s almost done. So you have to pick a few things and leave some for someone else, so that everyone can get something.”

“[What I have is enough for] maybe two, three days I think. If they restock I can go get some more foodstuffs but I really don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or the day after.”

Taking of how to evacuate the country, Najeeb revealed that it would be difficult as the closest border is the Polish crossing, which is 15 hours away by bus.

“I don’t know if someone would be willing to sacrifice and take us there. It’s hard, we don’t know what to do,” he said with a sigh.

Per reports, at least 40 soldiers and a dozen civilians were killed. A Ukrainian military plane crashed near Kiev with 14 people on board, authorities said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked Ghanaians in Ukraine to stay at home while efforts were made to ensure their safety.

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