The brouhaha surrounding Accra Sports stadium naming. Ohene Djan family petitions presidency to revert name to ‘Ohene Djan’, NSA ready to sell naming rights?

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According to reports from Angel FM, the National Sports Authority (NSA) is ready to sell the naming rights of the Accra Sports Stadium for $3m.

The reports indicates that the NSA is willing to sell the naming rights for 3 million dollars over a period of five years for any entity that can pay the amount.

The Stadium in 2008 was named after one of Ghana’s most celebrated sports administrators, Ohene Djan by the former president of Ghana, John Agyekum Kuffour.

However, the GA Traditional Council in 2011 demonstrated against the decision, the name was successfully removed from the stadium citing several reasons.

Nine years on and the Ohene Djan family are still unhappy about the decision and have sent a petition to the government to revert the name of the stadium back to ‘Ohene Djan’.

Speaking in an interview with Angel FM, a member of the Ohene Djan family and Aburiman hene, Nana Otubuo Djan Kwasi II expressed the family’s disappointment over the decision taken in 2011.

“Ohene Djan is my uncle and infact the land which the stadium is located on is not for the GAs, it belongs to us. We want to let the GA traditional council know that it’s not as if we Akuapems cannot talk but the right time will come”, he told Angel FM.

“Asante Hene Otumfuo Osei Tutu could have also rejected naming the sports stadium after Baba Yara since, he is not an Ashanti but they accepted. So why not Ohene Djan?”, he queried.

“We are patiently waiting to see what the government will do, but i must say former President Kuffour did his best by naming the stadium after Ohene Djan.”

The current government is yet to reply to the petition from the Ohene Djan family.

Further reports coming in indicates that NSA boss, Prof Peter Twumasi has in an interview with Atinka FM debunk claims of selling Accra Sports Stadium naming right.

“Who even think and came out with this?”

“Government facility renaming is not a mere nothing to do because is a legal matter.” – NSA Boss Prof. Peter Twumasi told Atinka FM.

“How can you just wake up to change the name, we don’t even have that right.”

“Is only the president who can decide that, it’s fake discard it.” – He added.

The coming days presents to us a good opportunity of knowing more about this brouhaha.

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