“Take good care of players and pay them well” – John Agyekum Kufour tells local clubs

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Former President of Ghana John Agyekum Kufour has urgued all local clubs to improve the salaries of players and also make their welfare and wellbeing a priority.

Since Genesis, there has been question marks on the salaries of players playing in the local league. A plethora of them have complained of the low salaries they receive, with some revealing they take as low as 200gh every month.

Speaking in an interview with Opemsour FM, the former president of the country urged clubs to take good care of their players.

“We should take good care of the players and pay them very well. We need to ensure our players because football always go with injuries. If we don’t insure the players and injury sets in it will go a long way to affect the player” he told Opemsour FM.

He also went on to add that clubs must improve the salaries of players.

“If you go to abroad players who are not performing receives better salaries than doctors and lawyers in the country. This is because they know football governs their nation”

“When you talk about local players, their salaries are not encouraging at all. So I will urge club owners to understand the game and take good care of the players”, he added.

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