Stephen Appiah eulogizes Tony Yeboah

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Former Black Stars captain Stephen Appiah has eulogized Tony Yeboah on the 25th anniversary of his iconic goal against Liverpool.

Stephen Appiah praised Toney Yeboah for setting the pace for the younger generation of footballers like himself, he added that during his reign as captain of the Black Stars, Yeboah was one of the people he used to consult on matters in the team.

“I call him bomber because as a striker his strikes were bombs. I played two games with him in the Black Stars and it was amazing. These are people I used to watch so I was scared when I was going to camp as a young footballer. I offered to wash his jerseys but he said no”, Appiah said as quoted by Ghanaweb.

“If we are here today, it because of people like Tony. He paved the way for people like myself. When he was at Frankfurt even though I was Italy people still spoke about him. He has done a lot for Ghana. It’s sad that we don’t celebrate people like him enough. These are people whose knowledge and fame can unlock doors for Ghana”.

Appiah continued: “It’s sad that he is no longer interested in football. When I was made Black Stars captain, he was the second person I called. I want to thank him for everything he has done for football but he shouldn’t get out of the game. I’m begging him not to follow the criticism but offer his support to the sport.

Tony Yeboah in return expressed gratitude to Appiah for appreciating and respecting his exploits.

Yegoala revealed that Appiah used to shower him with gifts when he was actively playing football.

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