Seria A comes under condemnation

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Italian football has been plagued by incidents of racism recently and the FA has come under heavy condemnation for failing to address the problem.

The Italian football in bid to eradicate the despicable act that is tainting the image of Italian football on Monday unveiled a new say ‘No to racism’ campaign which centred around apes framed with different colours, created by artist Simone Fugazzotto.

The artwork which was targeted to be the symbol or a tool that helps the Italian FA eradicate racism from it football has caused bafflement and fury on social media. The FA since launching the artwork has come under stern criticism and has been labeled as racist. They’ve been accused of being racists in an anti-racism campaign.

Italian club AS Roma took to their Twitter page and wrote “very surprised to see what appears to be an anti-racist campaign featuring painted monkeys on social media today,”

“We understand the league wants to tackle racism but we don’t believe this is the right way to do it”.

This comes in just days after Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport was criticized for having photos of Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling with the headline “Black Friday” in a promo for a game between Inter Milan and AS Roma.

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