Samudeen Ibrahim reveals why he left Hearts of Oak

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Former Accra Hearts of Oak midfielder Samudeen Ibrahim has revealed that he never intended to leave the club.

Samudeen Ibrahim after winning the Division One player of the year in 2016 joined Hearts of Oak from King Solomon, he represented the club for 2 years before leaving in 2018 after his contract expired.

Speaking in an interview with CITI FM, the talented midfielder revealed that he together with some key players [Thomas Abbey, Kwame Kizito, Vincent Atinga, Inusah Musah among other] left the club because of erstwhile Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the club Mark Noonan.

“I dont think a certain decision i made affected me negatively in my career. I believe in life, if you fail once, you have to try again and again until you succeed, he told Citi FM.

“I never intended to leave Accra Hearts of Oak, but there were problems and I know the club will tell you a different version of the story to suit their narrative. I never intended to leave and they knew it, i was playing for my dream club but in life, things happen and you have to move on”.

“If the club was honest and they really want to blame someone with regards to how I left, they know they have to point fingers at one man called Mark Noonan. The club knows he was the reason why most of the players left the club”

“However, i think it is all part of football. Sometimes you take a step forward and two steps back and sometimes you take two steps forward and one step back”, he concluded.

Samudeen Ibrahim currently plays for Division One fold Vision FC. He was close to joining King Faisal at the start of the new Premier league season, but the move failed to materialize.

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