Sammy Kuffour names his Africa Greatest of all time

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Former Bayern Munich center back Sammy Kuffour has waded into the debate on who’s Africa’s greatest player of all time.

The Ghanaian international selected Barcelona and Cameroonian legend Samuel Eto’o as his greatest African player of all time due to his consistency.

Kuffour’s assertion attests claims recently made by Eto’o that he’s Africa’s best of all time.

“It’s difficult to say [who is the greatest African Footballer of all-time] because it’s a different generation now,” Kuffour told

“When you look at my generation, people may say [Augustine] Jay-Jay Okocha of Nigeria was brilliant. When you go to another generation, people may say Eto’o was brilliant.

“For the generation ahead of me, people may say George Weah [of Liberia] was good, Kalusha [Bwalya of Zambia]] was good.

“When you go to the next one, they would say Rabah Madjer [of Algeria] was great. Some people may also say Mahmoud El Khatib from Egypt was good. [You also have] Lakhdar Belloumi [from Algeria]… different, different generations.

“But for me, if you tell me to choose one, I will choose [based on] consistency. I don’t hate anybody, but I have to be strong and firm and choose.

“He may not have won the world player of the year but for me, I think because of the consistency, I’ll give you Samuel Eto’o [as my best of all-time].”

Samuel Eto’o won the Africa best player award on 4 occasions.

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