Reports: GFA reach agreement with Youth Employment Agency for 1000 local footballers

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Reports coming in indicates that the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has reached an agreement with the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) to cover a total of one thousand (1000) local footballers during this COVID-19 period.

The president of the GFA, Kurt Okraku on Thursday evening in a letter announced that the federation is in discussion with the government to enroll players onto the YEA programme. This is in bid to lessen the financial burden on clubs during this tough covid-19 times.

“In February 2020, the Association commenced an engagement with the leadership at the YEA aimed at supporting clubs on various levels.

“These engagements have been further enhanced by the Sports Ministry’s active support. The result is that the government in the coming days will announce a support to the Association through YEA for our members,” he added.

However, reports coming in from indicates that the two entities after thorough discussion have reached an agreement.

The GFA will be given 1,000 slots to enroll players in the Premier League, Division One and Women’s League onto the YEA programme when the deal is signed next week.

The players will benefit from the scheme at the end of every month, the deal which is near completion will last for 2 years. The amount to be earned by each player is yet to be disclosed, but it is assumed to be around 500gh.

Each club from the Premier League, Division One and Women’s League is to register 30 players onto the scheme. A total of 82 clubs will benefit, making the total number of players eligible to benefit 2,460.

Which will leave the FA low on 1,460 since only 1,000 players can benefit, but further reports indicates that the FA will prioritise enrolling players of the Women’s Football and the Division One League onto the YEA programme due to the financial support by StarTimes to the Premier League clubs.

The FA is expected to making an official announcement next week.

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