PFAG sends a strong warning to clubs over players salary reduction

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The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has sent a strong warning to clubs in the country over the reduction of players salary.

With football in the country on a standstill due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there have been calls that local players need to emulate European players and accept pay cut in order to help lessen the financial burden on clubs during this time of inactivity and turbulence.

The PFA earlier took to twitter to send a strong warning to clubs shoving the implementation of salary reduction down the throat of players. The association believes that an agreement on this course should be achieved through dialogue and mutual acceptance and not through coercion.

“Our attention has been drawn to reports from some of our members and news in the media of clubs pushing to implement pay cuts without dialogue with the players.”

“Being minded by the present situation – COVID 19 challenges, the PFAG believes the best way forward is an open dialogue and concensus building approach.

“The PFAG would be grateful this matter can be resolved with the input of the players.

“Such unilateral decisions do not augur well for the future of our game.”

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