PART 2/2: Sammy Kuffour advices footballers, talks of Ghana’s captaincy brouhaha prior to 2019 AFCON, his toughest opponent, Alphonso Davies, King Faisal and Alhaji Grusah

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Former Black Stars defender Samuel Osei Kuffour has in interview with Nathaniel Attoh on Joy Sports discussed a myriad of football related issues.

After taking a look at the first part of his interview where he talked of his blunder at the 2006 World Cup, Stephen Appiah’s leadership qualities, Kurt Okraku’s administration, Asante Kotoko and his son’s football career.

We take a look at the second and final part where he shares an advice to footballers, talks of Ghana’s captaincy brouhaha prior to 2019 AFCON, his toughest opponent, Alfonso Davies, King Faisal and Alhaji Grusah.

• On the captaincy brouhaha prior to the AFCON in 2019

“It was a bit disturbing for the NC. I could see that some people are hit somewhere. You could see that Asamoah Gyan was really hurt about the whole situation.”

“It goes all the way to the President Akuffo-Addo, so Normalization Committee (NC) had become limited. NC had nothing more to say about it. That is why the President came in and spoke to the two players with the coach and the sports ministry. In my view, it was a little bit hectic. Why couldn’t we wait until after the tournament then we make the change the captaincy?”

“That period, Kwasi Appiah in my view should have probably had a second thought about the whole issue before making that decision [changing captains] and I think he [Asamoah Gyan] shouldn’t have said he wanted to retire. He should have calmed down. When you say those things, people may take it for granted.”

“I would just leave it as it is [If I were Kwesi Appiah]. Asamoah Gyan is the captain. If he doesn’t play, Andre is the captain. Andre is like the second captain. He will wear the armband.”

“That will seal the case. For bringing Andre in and Asamoah out with the atmosphere and all that. They can laugh but within their hearts, how well would [they collaborate]?

• His toughest opponents

“The best player that has given me a tough time is Marc Overmars”.

“In the 1995 Champions League first leg in Munich, I was told that I will play against [Nwankwo] Kanu.

“I was so glad that I was going to play against my friend but 30 minutes into the game, I was told that I was going to play a different position. I thought I was playing in defensive midfield and I was happy because I thought I would face Seedorf but they mentioned right back.”

“I was surprised and they showed me videos of Overmars terrorizing right-backs. He gave me a tough time.”

“The second person was Thierry Henry in Highbury. I was glad to play against the top players,” he said.

• On Alphonso Davies

“There are some young ones who are coming in with good intentions like Alphonso Davies. [He is] amazing. He was born in Ghana here, in Bujumbura and for me I spoke to him when I was in Munich. He is a great kid. He understands what he is doing in the field of play,” he told Nathaniel Attoh.

• On Alhaji Grusah and King Faisal

No He hasn’t reached out. He knows what I did for the club those days but since then he hasn’t approached. Me, Tanko and Chibsah have a conversation everyday about King Faisal. We talk about things we can do to help but is Alhaji Grusah ready to do that?” he quizzed.

“We cannot go to Alhaji and say give us King Faisal. It is not possible. Support is different. If you are giving one cedi or two cedis, that is different. If you want me to get involved with the team, we need to sit down and talk properly,” he told Nathaniel Attoh on Joy Sports Link.

“Now where is the league and where is King Faisal? Alhaji is 75 years I know. Will Alhaji sit down for people to run King Faisal for him? He will not. Alhaji will not. Alhaji should call people who have the knowledge and connection to run the team. Look at Ibrahim Tanko, look at Chibsah, look at myself. There is a lot of people out there who can help but we cannot just go there and tell him. It doesn’t work like that”, he added.

• An advice to all footballers

“I have had conversations with players. You have a lot of friends around you when you are playing. A lot of them are good. For me I talked to the older people to give me advice. You have to talk to older people to give you advice about saving money for retirement.”

“Someday you would be receiving 100,000 a week. Someday you won’t be playing anymore. Why don’t you find yourself someone with a business IQ to help you use your money well.”

“I have to thank Tony Yeboah for his advice. The first house I bought was Reggie Manuel estates. I bought the house with Tony Yeboah. It showed me that he cared a lot for me”, Kuffour concluded.

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