“Our destiny is not in your hands” – Hearts of Oak hit back at W.O Tandoh

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Accra Hearts of Oak has responded to recent comments made by the club’s former physical trainer W.O Tandoh.

In an interview with Pure FM on Wednesday, W.O Tandoh who’s unhappy with recent happenings at Hearts of Oak, especially the sacking of Samuel Boadu rained curses on the club.

According to Tandoh, Hearts of Oak will lose its next five games and the next manager who he believes is a white man will not succeed.

“Anyone who says Samuel Boadu is arrogant is a liar, and God will punish that person. He will judge that person. I wanted to go there for what they are doing but my job as a coach prevents me. I said it before I left the club, and that is what is happening,” W.O Tandoh said.

“I will make them lose all of their next 5 games and they will see. You people have sacked Samuel Boadu and appointed this caucasian vulture. He will also fail and after five games he would be sacked,” he added

In response, Hearts of Oak has described the comments from W. O Tandoh as ‘unacceptable’ and urged all followers of the club to disregard him and fully throw their support behind the team.

“For W. O Tandoh to have the guts to describe some of our club officials with all manner of adjectives, we see this as unacceptable and therefore urge all of our followers to disregard him and fully throw your support behind the team as we continue to move into a positive direction to bring the needed changes to the club as we yearn to attain preeminence,” said a statement on the club’s website.

“Our destiny can NEVER be in the hands of W. O Tandoh for him to say Hearts will lose our next five matches. If indeed he has any such authority to decide the fortunes of men, we urge him to deploy that to help his team win every game in every competition. At Hearts, what we believe in is that we strive to win our games since we believe matches are won based on good preparation and good performance and not through any others means.

“At Hearts of Oak we respect our leaders and we expect he, W. O Tandoh to do same because these same leaders gave him the platform to enhance his career and therefore do not deserve those unwarranted comments from a man with a military background where discipline is core in all of their activities.

“We urge him to needfully retract his comments,” the statement added.

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