Otto Pfister believes an African country can win the World Cup, tells Ck Akonnor to have faith in local players and give them more chance

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Since the inception of the World cup in 1934, the farthest an African country has gotten to is the Quarter-final, Cameroon in 1990, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010.

According to many, the hope of seeing an African country win the prestigious tournament is as fictitious as unicorns and dragons, but former Black Stars manager Otto Pfister believes an African team can win the World Cup only if the right infrastructure is put in place.

“The day Africa gets on the same level of infrastructure as Europe, a team will be able to win the world cup,” Otto Pfister told Citi TV in an interview,

“But with all these problems, it will be very difficult.  The players are not the problem, in my experience the player is never the problem.

“The problem is organization, infrastructure, the medical aspect is also very important. If we have this in Africa, good facilities, Ghana can even win the African Cup of Nations and an African team can win the world cup.”

“But if all these are not available, then it will be very difficult,” Otto Pfister concluded.

The veteran manager also went on to advice the current Black Stars technical team to have faith in players plying their trade in the local league and give them more chance.

“Some foreign coaches make mistakes in Africa, they call players from Europe who are not regular players.”

“But it is better to call up local players who play regularly and are in form than a player who is in Europe and has never played for his club,” he added.

Otto Pfister managed numerous African countries, he managed Ghana between 1993-1994.

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