Nico Williams explains why he chose Spain over Ghana and what made his brother choose Ghana

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Athletic Bilbao forward Nico Williams has explained why he chose to represent the Spanish national team ahead of Ghana.

Nico Williams, who’s the youngster brother of Inaki Williams is eligible to represent Ghana and Spain.

The youngster opted to play for Spain and made his debut in a 2-1 defeat to Switzerland in the Nations League on Saturday, while his senior brother also made his debut for Ghana in a 3-0 defeat to Brazil in a friendly encounter on Friday.

“It was a natural decision, everyone went their own way and made their decision carefully. I am very happy that my brother is in Ghana, I wish him things to go well, that he can have a great World Cup and achieve the highest goals,” said Nico Williams.

“I have always been clear that I wanted to be here and I am very happy that Luis Enrique has given me this opportunity, I hope to take advantage of it. As everyone knows, I want to be with the Spanish team and be better, show that I’m worth being here” he added.

Nico Williams went on to reveal that the trip to Ghana this summer played a major role in his brother’s decision to represent the Ghana national team.

“My brother thought a lot about that, about whether to go with the national team or with Ghana, but what marked him was the trip we made there in the summer.”

“Seeing all the people made him take the big step of opting for the Ghana national team, assuming that role in which I hope he will do well and score many goals” Nico Williams noted.

Nico Williams and Inaki Williams are likely to represent Spain and Ghana respectively at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Should that materialize, they’ll become the second brothers to represent two different countries at the World Cup.

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