Lawyer Naa Odofoley Nortey surprised Osei Palmer dragged GFA to CAS

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Former Normalization Committee member Naa Odofoley Nortey has divulged that she was surprised at William Kwaku Osei Palmer’s decision to resort to Court of Arbitration for Sports [CAS] following his disqualification from last year’s Ghana Football Association [GFA] presidential election.

The Tema youth bank roller was disqualified from contesting in 2019 Ghana FA presidential election for failing an integrity test and for failing to pay the 10% mandatory fee to the GFA for the transfer of his player, Joseph Painstil to Belgian side KRC Genk in 2018.

Palmer dragged the issue to CAS to seek justice over what he deemed “unfair” disqualification. But unfortunately for him, the case was dismissed by CAS.

Reacting to the news, Lawyer Naa Odofoley Nortey, who was the GFA’s representative at CAS in the case with Osei Palmer stated that she was surprised Osei Palmer dragged the FA to CAS after admitting he did wrong before the committee.

“I was deeply surprised Osei Palmer had sent this case to CAS because he admitted and agreed that his conduct and that of his club Tema Youth wasn’t appropriate and apologized which he’s on tape,”Madam Odofoley told Oyerepa FM.

“Even at the sitting Lawyer Frank Davies requested to recuse himself but Palmer asked him not to because he believes Frank was a Professional but turns around to say conflict whatever”

“All he had to do was to be truthful but when the answer is Yes and you say no and subsequently find out and you are confronted and then you admit, then run to CAS.”

The former Normalization committee member also revealed that she was not surprised by the outcome of the verdict.

“I was not surprised about the ruling from CAS. It was clear about the disqualification handed over to him by the Normalisation Committee.”

“The case being contested in CAS wasn’t what was even discussed in the media. The decision of the NC was affirmed which CAS agrees and that is the best part for me and I am very happy about it. We have been vindicated by our decision”, she added.

Since the outcome of the verdict was revealed, there has been whispers around that the Tema Youth bankroller will no longer be eligible for any of GFA’s top positions.

Lawyer Naa Odofoley Nortey has however debunked those claims, stating Palmer can contest in the next elections, but he will have to pass an integrity test.

“There’s no reason why he can’t stand in the next elections, as for that one I will say it for free.”

“One thing is that every candidate will have to pass integrity test so this time when the answer is Yes, he should tick Yes and explain and that’s it and if he’s in breach of any of the articles or regulations of the FA, he should go and make sure that he has cleared those breaches and he will be free.” She added.

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