Laryea Kingston rates Abedi Pele as Africa’s greatest player of all time

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Former midfielder of the Black Stars Laryea Kingston believes Abedi Ayew Pele is Africa’s greatest player of all time.

Abedi Pele made his name by leading French side Marseille to winning 2 league trophies in 1991 and 1992. He also helped them clinch the Champions league in 1993.

The former Marseille man was also named African player of the year in 3 consecutive years.

According to Kingston, Abedi Pele was a global phenom after etching his name in African football and also making history in France with Marseille by winning the UEFA champions League.

“I would say Abedi Pele is the greatest African footballer of all-time because a lot of Africans still believe in him,” Laryea told Goal.

“They believe he’s one of the best players Africa has ever seen,” he added.

“In his time, he played very well and not only in Ghana. He went to France and up till today, if you go to France, especially Marseille and you mention him, he’s well known and people respect him for what he did on the field.

“In Ghana too he did very well with the national team even though their time they did not qualify to be at the World Cup.

“At the Africa Cup [of Nations] and most of the games that I saw him play, even when the team is down, he lifts everyone up and makes sure the fans and everyone are happy.

“So he’s the greatest. For me, I think he did very well for himself and for the country.”

Abedi was rated as Africa’s 3rd best player of the century by The International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS).

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