Kwesi Appiah’s rants and rave at GFA over unpaid salaries are “needless”

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The news surrounding the unpaid salaries and bonuses of erstwhile Black Stars manager Kwesi Appiah has become the topic of the day.

The news has created a hubbub in the media, with the embattled Kwesi Appiah threatening to drag the issue to FIFA if in case he doesn’t receive remittance in the next 7 days.

Kwesi Appiah believes he’s being “disrespected” by the FA, a statement a section of Ghanaian football lovers will agree with. One that has triggered the FA to clarify the situation.

“In Ghana, the state has always paid the coach and not the GFA. This has been the practice for several decades and nothing new”, GFA’s head of communication Henry Asante Twum told BBC.

“The GFA forwarded Kwesi Appiah’s letter to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, so they are working on it. For now I cannot say anymore,” he concluded.

The FA’s message is loud and clear, but the embattled Kwesi Appiah still remains adamant that his contract was with the GFA and not the Government.

“I did not sign any contract with the Government or the ministries, I signed with the Football Association,” he said.

“I know the Government supports the FA in payments of players’ bonuses and travel funds but I am not supposed to be chasing the Ministry of Sports because I do not have a contract with them but the FA”.

Looks like the ongoing tussle between the GFA and Kwesi Appiah won’t end anytime soon, but his actions leaves me bewildered, they are just needless.

Indeed kwesi Appiah is right to fight for what he worked for, but as it is widely known that it is not the responsibility of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to pay managers, but the state or government.

Being a man who has been around for years now and for all I know knows the inside and out of Ghana football, I’m quite sure he’s much aware of this, so why the rants?

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  1. I think Kwesi has a point because he had a contract with the FA and not the government though the government is the one responsible for the payment but follow up should be done by the FA…The FA should push the government to pay the money to Kwesi that all…He can’t go straight to the ministry of sport to demand for his money but to the FA and they should also channel the same pressure to the ministry

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