Kotoko defender Christopher Netty denies ‘juju’ claims

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Asante Kotoko defender Christopher Netty has denied claims of him or his side using juju in their gameweek 11 clash against Aduana Stars at Dormaa in the suspended Ghana Premier League.

The game in Dormaa was hit with a series of superstitious events. Both teams started and ended the first half with 10 men. An act which was deemed a superstitious and received critical condemnation from football lovers around the country.

Christopher Netty who was at the center of most of the events that transpired on the field and was caught on camera trying to deposit an object into the opposition’s goalpost has denied using Juju on the day or at anytime in his career. He believes his actions was misinterpreted.

“The commentator misrepresented the actuality of the matter,” he said.

“In the second half, they planted an object in our goalpost, so I took it to return it to their goal area. It’s not like Kotoko gave it to me to plant it in their goalpost, that was not the idea.”

Nettey added, “In my career, I have never visited any Mallam. I have never visited any priest to pray for me before. I have never bathed with any substance or used any talisman before.”

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