Kennedy Agyapong blames politicians and the media for the ‘death’ of Ghana football

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Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has blamed politicians and the media for being the reason football in Ghana is on the wane.

Speaking in an interview with OMAN FM and quoted by, Kennedy Agyapong stated that football in Ghana had a bright future until politicians started meddling into it.

“Let me tell you today, politicians destroyed soccer in Ghana. Some politicians who started meddling in soccer led to its death in Ghana. This is because some of the coaches are forced to use certain players according to the wish of these politicians. The coaches have no choice than to heed to the orders because they don’t want to lose their jobs,” he told OMAN FM.

“The media is also to be blamed for the failure of football in Ghana,” the Assin Central lawmaker added.

Kennedy Agyapong also blamed the media for the death of Ghana football, he stated that the media promotes foreign football instead of the local leagues, he added that the local leagues are left without attention.

“The media is also supposed to be blamed for the failure of soccer in Ghana. Instead of promoting the local teams when I come here all I hear is Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona.”

“The same devotion to these foreign games if you did that for the Ghanaian team, it would have built their confidence and morale to improve their standards. But today Ghanaians support Liverpool, some support Chelsea, some support Barcelona, some support Manchester, Real Madrid. 

“Blacks are fools they don’t support their own unless it’s for a white person that’s why they are killing us. So if you want me to support Kotoko again then the media should start promoting the local teams and league,” he revealed.

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