“If you say they are not the people to play drop them” – Solar Ayew hits at the critics of Dede and Jordan Ayew

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Solar Ayew, the paternal uncle of Andre and Jordan Ayew has called for the withdrawal of the duo if they are deemed unfit for the senior national team, the Black Stars.

Following Ghana’s shocking exit from the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Cameroon, the two brother have heavily been criticized by a section of Ghanaian football lovers, with the critics stating that the duo are unfit to feature for the Black Stars.

Reacting to the unfair comments, Solar Ayew called on the Technical team of the Black Stars to drop the Ayew brothers if they are unfit to feature for the Black Stars.

“If you ask me whether the national team is not a reserve of the Ayews, then drop them [from the national team]. It’s not me or Abedi Pele or the boys who pushed for their invitation,” Solar told Adikanfo FM.

“If you ask me that is what I’m telling you [journalist]. If you say they are not the people to play drop them. You can’t say the Ayews are like this, the Ayews are like that.

“The Ayews we know we eat football, we drink football, we sleep football and we want to be there. So if we cannot do it then you drop us, period.

“We hear those rumours, it does not disturb us because it’s part of football. If those who criticize the Ayews do not exist, football will not be complete. “When we are not doing and there are players who are better, drop them.” Sola Ayew added.

Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew have been integral members of the Black Stars team since making their debut in 2007 and 2010 respectively, making over 170 appearances and scoring 41 goals.

The two brothers have also represented Ghana at multiple AFCON tournaments and at the World Cup.

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