“I was bribed to miss a game against Hearts of Oak” – Derek Boateng

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Former Ghana and Liberty Professionals midfielder Derek Boateng has opened up on how he was bribed by fans of Hearts of Oak to miss a game.

Derek Boateng who started his career at Liberty Professionals revealed he was so good that opposition fans were scared of him anytime they played against Liberty Professionals.

Boateng divulged that there was a particular time that he was bribed by Hearts of Oak fans not to play against them, he admitted taking the money but he missed the game on the fact he had already secured a move to Europe.

“I knew Liberty Professionals was the place to start your career so that was why I moved there. You know I played only four games for Liberty. The fifth game I was supposed to play was against Hearts of Oak but I had to go to Greece to sign my first professional contract. I was being played as a number 10 and I was on fire,” he told Joy FM.

“Some of the die-hard Hearts of Oak fans called me to give me some money not to show up for that game. I took that money but they didn’t know that I was already scheduled to travel to Greece before the game on Saturday. It was good money. I left on Friday. They thought it was the money that made me stay away but at that time I was already done with Ghana football.”

The former Fulham midfielder also revealed that during his days at Liberty, his mum who’s a staunch Hearts fan told him he wouldn’t be allowed to eat at home should he play against Hearts of Oak.

“I remember when I started playing for Liberty Professionals, my mum told me that if I play against Hearts of Oak, she will not allow me to eat in the house.”- he laughed.

Boateng represented the Black Stars at multiple tournaments, including the World Cup in 2006 and in 2010.

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