How Strong Tower and Ayoba Joshua carved Mohammed Kudus into what he’s today

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Ghana’s midfield sensation Mohammed Kudus has lauded his boyhood club – Strong Tower, a colts team based in Maamobi, Accra for his development as a footballer.

Mohammed Kudus started his career playing for Strong Tower on the sandy pitches of Maamobi and Nima under the tutelage of Coach Joshua Ayoba, famously known as ‘Rasta Coach’.

Strong Tower is known for training many talents, and Mohammed Kudus is one of those talents.

“It is a club that trains many talents for the rest of the world. That was the first time I was seriously involved with football,” said Kudus in a conversation with Ajax TV.

“As a kid I used to play for fun in school, but when I joined them it got really serious. That’s what Strong Tower is known for, educating talent. I’m not the only one. There are still five or six players from Strong Tower playing in Europe now.”

Kudus acknowledged that Ghana is widely known for producing defensively strong talents, but for him, he was lucky to find himself at Strong Tower, a place he had the opportunity in his youth to let his creativity run free.

“Because many players in Ghana are strong and fast, many defensive midfielders are trained. My old trainer gave me the freedom to play my own game, which is characterized by creativity and joy of playing. I have my defensive qualities, but also my creativity. As a child I was always given the ball to make my actions. It has shaped me into the player I am today.”

Although Kudus wants to remain a frivolous footballer, he knows that more is demanded in football at the highest level.

“There was less at stake at Strong Tower than it is now. At this level I play a little smarter and a little more in the service of the team. Defensively I can get even better and I can get even better at finishing. I want to score more and finish better,” he added.

Kudus is gradually becoming the player he wants to be. The 22-year old has 8 goals and an assist from 7 starts in all competitions this season for Ajax.

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