Gory scenes in Aiyinase as players and fans of Medeama are beaten by fans of Karela United like Makola thieves

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The Nzema derby between Karela and Medeama turned bloody as players and fans of Medeama were attacked by fans of Karela.

The two teams faced off in the Round of 32 of the MTN FA Cup, with the game ending 2-1 in favour of Medeama.

Medeama opened the scoring in the first half through Prince Opoku Agyemang. The Mauve of Yellows doubled their lead through Ebenezer Ackahbi, before Diawisie Taylor scored to reduced the deficit.

However, the beauty of the game was marred by marauding attacks from the home fans.

According to reports from the Crosby Awuah Memorial (CAM) Park, Referee Philip Arthur-Forson was forced to delay the match on two occasions following the attacks from the home fans.

Medeama midfielder Eric Kwakwa midfielder was left bleeding profusely after he was hit with a missile from the irated fans of Karela.

Due to the uncivilized acts from the fans of the home team, the game was delayed for more than 30 minutes and some journalists were denied entry into the stadium.

According to a report from MOTV, bankroller of Medeama SC Moses Parker was also denied entry into the match center.

Further reports also indicates that the fans of Karela hurled stones and others objects at Medeama’s 52-seater bus, damaging the windows of the bus.

The referees were not also left out as they received their share of the beatings after the game. Videos that emerged on the internet after the game shows how the referees were chased by the berserk fans of Karela.

All these ugly incidents comes in just days after the leaders of the two teams held a meeting to squash out any issue between the two clubs.

The match commissioner is expected to make a report to the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for swift action to be taken.


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