Godwin Attram takes a swipe at people calling for the cancellation of the league, proposes a way government can support clubs

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The Ghana Premier League has been at a halt since March 15, due to the ban on social gathering by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The unforeseen circumstance has kept the future of the major league and other leagues up in the air. Any hopes of seeing football back soon was hampered last month when the president of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo announced that the ban on social gathering has been extended to July 31.

Since then, calls for the league to be canceled have gone a notch higher and the president of the GFA, Kurt Okraku has come under intense pressure to declare the current league season nulled.

Speaking in an interview with GhanaWeb’s Joseph Adamafio on the Sports Check program, Godwin Attram stated that no proper football person will call for the cancellation of the league.

“If you are a football man with passion and think about the players, you would not say that the league should be cancelled. Why should the league be cancelled? Why don’t we look for a solution first to see what will happen? All we can say is the league should be cancelled because I feel that I’m not doing well. It shouldn’t be so”, he told GhanaWeb.

He also added, “Relegation is why some people want the season to be cancelled but we (Olympics) are not afraid. Olympics want the league to continue. I’m talking in general that if you are football man and have passion for the game and think about the players. Two years of Anas expose, no football, grassroot is difficult because they spent money and nothing came out. Three years, grassroots no football”, he said.

The former Olympics manager also recommended free access to government-owned sporting facilities as a way to help clubs mitigate the impact of the virus.

“Government has a lot of things that they can support. Accra Sports Stadium is there and a lot of clubs pay money before they play. We can plead with the government that because of this pandemic which means we can play football behind closed doors he can always give us the stadium to play for free since we are not making money”.

“It’s not only about giving money to the clubs. Sometimes we need to reason in certain ways. The government can do a lot of things for us like checking the players. The only thing is for you to assemble your players at one place and government can check them”, he said.

The fate of Ghana’s football leagues will be decided by June 30.

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