GFA makes clarifications to AshantiGold’s fate after Congress decision

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The General Secretary of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Prosper Harrison Addo has explained that AshantiGold has been suspended from Ghana football and not expelled.

At the 29th ordinary session of Congress held on Monday, July 10, 2023 in Kumasi, Congress upheld a decision by the Executive Committee of GFA to suspend AshantiGold from all football activities, a move which has been misconstrued by a plethora of football followers.

“A lot of people are inter-using suspension and expulsion. The decision that was taken only maintains the status quo, we haven’t done anything new to AshantiGold, I think that must be explained for people to understand,” said Prosper Harrison Addo in an interview with Asaase radio.

“The Executive Committee had suspended AshantiGold already. Per our laws, if you want to maintain it, you’ll have to take it to Congress and Congress will maintain it because the ultimate power for suspension and expulsion sits with Congress, so we have not expelled AshantiGold like people are saying.”

“The thing is suspension and i have heard people say it is because of contempt of court. AshantiGold were not suspended because they went to court, the paper work clarifies that.

Prosper Harrison Addo went on to quote the law which affirms the decision by the Executive committee and supported by Congress.

“The Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has unanimously decided to suspend AshantiGold Sporting Club with immediate effect under Article 17(1) of the GFA Statutes due to the club’s dealing with banned officials, Kwaku Frimpong and Emmanuel Frimpong, which constitutes a serious violation of both GFA Statutes and the FIFA Statutes,” he quoted.

The GFA scribe went on to add that Congress only rectified the decision to suspend AshantiGold and not expel the club, stressing that there are rules for suspension and expulsion.

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