“GFA is not responding to our letters” – Lawyer Baffour Gyawu, Kwesi Appiah’s lawyer

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Six months on since Kwesi Appiah was relieved off duties as Black Stars manager by the new administration of the Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The former Black Stars manager recently divulged that he hasn’t still received his Salary from August 2019 – December 2019 and winning bonus for the win against São Tomé. All amounting to $185,000.

The news has created a hubbub in the media. Few weeks ago, it was revealed that the embattled Kwesi Appiah has threatened to drag the issue to FIFA.

Speaking in an interview with Happy Fm earlier this week, Lawyer Baffour Gyawu, Kwesi Appiah’s lawyer disclosed that they’ve written twice to GFA, but are yet to receive a single reply.

“Kwesi Appiah is worried because he has served his nation wholeheartedly and the nation or FA have refused to pay him. It is a bit worrying”, Lawyer Baffour Gyawu told Happy FM.

“We have written a letter to the GFA and they haven’t acknowledged receiving the letter. We wrote to them for over a month ago but haven’t heard from them.”

“We will write a last letter to them by the close of this week. If we don’t hear from them,we will advise ourselves.”

“We haven’t sent the GFA to FIFA but it’s an option. We haven’t explored that part of the clause. We are ready to sit and talk with the GFA and agree on something”, he added.

“We have written twice to the GFA . The first one was when the GFA sent an email to Kwesi Appiah asking him to return all properties in his possessions. We wrote back to them but they’ve not responded.

“We shall continue reminding them to pay coach Kwesi Appiah.The relationship between him and the GFA is governed by an agreement but it’s not being honored. We will continue pursuing his money”, he concluded.

According to reports from Myjoyonline.com, Lawyers of Kwesi Appiah will today Friday, May 20, 2020 present a third letter to GFA demanding the salary arrears.

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