GFA boss Kurt Okraku unperturbed about CAS’ verdict

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Ghana Football Association (GFA) boss, Kurt Okraku has stated that he’s unbothered about the pending verdict of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) concerning the case presented by Wilfred Osei Palmer.

Wilfred Osei Palmer in October dragged the now-defunct Normalization Committee led by Dr. Kofi Amoah as it president to CAS to seek justice for an ‘unfair’ disqualification from contesting for the Ghana FA presidential elections last year.

The Tema Youth Bankroller was disqualified on two counts, the first for failing to pay the mandatory 10 percent of Joseph Paintsil’s transfer fee to the GFA following his transfer to Belgian side KRC Genk in 2018. The second was for failing an integrity test.

Kurt Okraku eventually won the elections to become Ghana’s new GFA president, however, Palmer, who deemed his disqualification as ‘inequitable’ dragged the case to CAS to seek justice.

The verdict which was initially scheduled to be announced on July 14 was adjourned to August 4.

Ahead of the announcement of the verdict, Kurt Okraku has stated he’s not bothered about what CAS’ verdict will be, adding that he’s only focused on repositioning Ghana football.

“I am not bothered about CAS’ verdict concerning the case presented by Palmer, I am rather focused on how soon football will be resumed. So I am not concerned about the case at all, he told Max FM.

“As today marks another milestone in SWAG, I am glad about the euphoria around it and I am even glad about the step taken by him [Wilfred Osei Palmer]. He saw a problem and he took to it to a higher body to seek for redress, I see that as his right.

“So we leave things as it is since CAS stated they will issue their verdict tomorrow. So we are all waiting for tomorrow. We just have to be patient and in the end, football will be the ultimate winner”.

”It is true that the verdict is first presented to the parties first but for now I cannot share any information with the effect, he added.

“I will not comment on whatever Palmer has posted on twitter concerning the case. If CAS has given its verdict, I don’t think I have to go ahead of them to say anything.

“What my focus is on is the repositioning of Ghana football and we all know how difficult things have been. We will need a lot of effort to bring back the love so I think we shouldn’t be overly focused on one case, there are a lot of issues to focus on.

“So whatever the decision of CAS will be, football must continue to develop in the country”, he concluded.

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