GFA bans Unity FC from the Division One League

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The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has banned Unity FC from taking part in the subsequent games of the ongoing Division One League season, a statement has confirmed.

The ban comes in after the Division One Zone One B side failed to show up for seven of their league games this season.

The full statement from the Ghana FA read:

Unity FC has been banned from taking part in subsequent matches of the Division One League (Zone 1B) to maintain the sporting integrity of the competition.

This decision was taken by the GFA Disciplinary Committee following charges imposed on the club for missing seven Division One League matches.

Accordingly, three (3) points and three (3) goals shall be awarded in favour of all opposing Clubs scheduled to play Unity FC.

A fine of Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc10,000.00) is imposed on Unity FC payable to the GFA.

The decision has been communicated to the Club and the GFA Competition’s department accordingly.

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