Frank Acheampong slapped with a ban and a fine in China

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The Chinese Football Association (CFA) has slapped Ghanaian and Shenzhen FC winger, Frank Acheampong with a 4-match ban and fine of 40,000 yuan.

Frank Acheampong is suspended for punching an opponent (Cao Gu) in a league match between Henan Songshan Longmen and Shenzhen FC on Friday, July 27.

According to the Ghanaian after the game, his reaction came as a result of a racial abuse he suffered from Cao Gu.

In spite of the revelation, the Chinese FA after adjudicating the matter has slapped the Ghanaian with a four-game ban and fine of 40,000 yuan (around US$5,5420)

For Henan center-back, Cao Gu who was found guilty of “provoking Acheampong with insults”, he was slapped with a two-game ban and a fine of 20,000 yuan ($2771).

The ban is the first suffered by the Ghanaian since arriving in China in 2017. Acheampong first played for Tianjin Jinmen Tiger FC in China, he made 91 appearances for the club and scored 35 goals.

In 2021, he joined Shenzhen FC, where he has made 61 appearances and scored 18 goals.

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