Former Kotoko midfielder Yusif Chibsah reveals why Ghanaian players struggle abroad

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Ex Asante Kotoko midfielder Yusif Chibsah has revealed why Ghanaian players fail to live up to expectations when they travel abroad.

It is a common thing that most Ghanaian footballers who make the grade whiles playing in the local league fail to replicate similar grades when they travel abroad.

Fifa intermediary Yusif Chibsah in an exclusive interview with FootballMadeInGhana opened up on the issue.

“We can look at it from different angles based on different factors” Chibsah said.

“There are a whole lot of challenges that Ghanaian players or African players in general face when they travel for the first time to Europe” he continued 

“Key among the factors are weather conditions, language barriers, sometimes food and loneliness. All these affect performances but personally I believe that if you are really up to the task and set targets and goals for yourself these challenges should not kill your dream of becoming a professional footballer.

“You can use a couple of months to get over it, adjust, acclimatize and take on the challenge”

Chibsah noted that agents also play a part in this conundrum.

“We can’t rule out the responsibilities or the role of intermediaries in this situations. I will be very frank and say it here. I personally always want to talk the head coach of the club that is interested in my player because in certain countries club owners or Sporting Directors can buy players for their club sometimes without the consent or approval of the coach and this goes along way to affect the player and his career”

Yusif Chibsah also added that most intermediaries or agents do not care about the player’s development, all they care about is the money involved in the deal.

“We intermediaries have something we call a ‘convenient transfer’. A lot of us have friends who are Sporting Directors and Coaches and this is often used to secure a transfer of favor without considering the effect on the player’s career. This is because some agents just want to do a deal for the sake of the money, they want to get paid their commission and don’t care what happens after. Most of such transfers results in the player not get playing time or even relegated to the B team. These are some of the ways intermediaries also contribute to killing the dreams of players to realize their full potential” he concluded.

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