Former England international Bobby Zamora offers advice to Hudson-Odoi, Eddie Nketiah and Tariq Lamptey on nationality switch

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Former West Ham and England international Bobby Zamora has advised Tariq Lamptey, Eddie Nketiah and Calum Hudson-Odoi to not ‘jump the gun’ by snubbing England to represent Ghana.

Per reports, the trio who have represented England at various youth levels are on the verge of switching allegiance to represent Ghana, increasing their chances of playing at the 2022 World Cup to be staged in Qatar later this year.

However, Bobby Zamora who earned two caps for England has urged the trio to remain patient, sharing his experience of being approached by Trinidad and Tobago during his playing days but decided to wait for his England chance, a decision he described as ‘one of the best moments of his life’.

Bobby Zamora

“My dad is from Trinidad and Tobago, and they actually came calling when I was at Brighton. I considered, but Peter Taylor had just come in, who had connections with England, and he said, ‘listen, don’t jump just yet, you’ve got the ability, and you can do this,” Zamora said quoted by FootballLondon.

“So I actually waited and got into the Under-21s, and I felt that I was good enough to play for the national team. So I bided my time to see if I could get in that England squad, and I finally did, and it was probably one of the best moments of my life.

“For the guys mentioned, they’re so close and so young. I think it’s probably a bit too early for them to jump ship. All of those guys have got the ability to make a real difference and make a big impact for England,” he added.

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  1. Ghana will never let them down if they switch their nationality,we have the talent already but they will beef up the squad to crush every mountain and river they’re going to meet,so we welcome them most

  2. U played 2 matches nd u are happy with dat?Well dats ur happiness so enjoy it.Let dem go wer dey will play more.

    1. he should advise himself. playing two matches for the three lions and it was the best decision you made in life as a professional footballer. shame onto you Bobby. you should think twice when you want to talk.

      1. Please learn from SAKA’s experience .. when he missed the penalty!!..they remind him of who he is.. it was only Jose Mourihno..who can to his defense!! if It was Harry Kane.. it would simply say ‘ hard luck’

  3. Inferiority complex at best…Playing two games for England was the best moment of your LIFE?? When you could have represented Trinidad and Tobago for at least 50 games…I’ve always suspected this guy to be IQ deficient…

    1. Leave him to say what he want. For me the guys must follow their hearts. In as much as we need them, we want them to play with their hearts and if the aren’t ready they should not waste our time.

    2. Shaking my head, Two matches and you are talking as if heaven is coming down. 😂 BLACK MAN and inferiority mind set. I pray these guys will not listen to this so call “inferior advice”.

  4. My G you got 2 caps!! And never got close to an international tourney squad place.. this is the definition of loving your oppressor and wanting acceptance rather than living life on your terms.. The young men should leave to Ghana where they will be respected for their talents..

  5. This guy is really not serious. You capped only 2 games and you called it the best moment of your life? I think they’ve paid him to talk this nonsense.

  6. One thing for sure…. the good people of Ghana wouldn’t tagged them us MONKEYS if they play for the country and miss penalties…..if nothing at all… we’ll see them us humans but not animals….2 games for england…. 😂… they don’t even know you…. God bless my homeland Ghana.

  7. Bobby is clear that you are not a good advisor, where as others are playing their 50th and 60th caps for their Country, you only played two and wants to give advice, better advice yourself Mr. Man.

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