Former Black Stars center back Joe Addo names his all time Black Stars XI

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Former Black Stars and Hearts of Oak center back Joe Addo has named his all time Black Stars eleven.

Joe Addo featured for the Black Stars from 1990-2000. He earned 44 caps with the national team and represented the country at multiple tournaments, including the 1996 Olympic Games in USA.

Joe in an interview with Joy Sports named his best Black Stars team. He made his lineup based on players he played with and has seen play.

“I want to name my lineup of all-time Ghanaian players I have seen, there are some of them I didn’t see. The likes of Osei Kofi, Ibrahim Sunday, Robert Mensah, I didn’t see them.

“I want to give you a lineup of some of the best I have seen. My goalkeeper will be Joe Carr, I never saw any goalkeeper like him. Even up till today, the only person who comes close was Salifu Ansah.

“Joe Carr was unbelievable, and then on right back will be Haruna Yusif. He was the first player in Ghana who invented the overlapping. He was going forward, doing crosses and all that.

“And then left back, I think Hesse Odamten was one of the finest.

“And my central defenders, the strong, gentle, feared Isaac Acquaye and Kuuku Dadzie as well. I always wanted to play like Kuuku Dadzie. I loved his play.

“In midfield I think I will go with Abdul Razak, when he scored the golden goal I was listening on radio. And my right will be John Bannerman,Who I saw when he was playing for Wise.

“And then for me the person who will fit in this squad is Stephen Appiah. I think Stephen Appiah is one of the finest players that we’ve ever produced. Somebody, who could do anything, He can play as defensive player (holding midfield), he can play as an offensive midfielder, he can pass and he can score.

“You don’t get many players like that, few players have some of his attributes and the only player who was close to him was Abedi.

“Abedi was a little bit ahead of Stephen. But Stephen is one of the finest Ghana has ever produced.

“Then I will put Abedi as a floating striker, number 9. Then I will put Opoku Nti at number 10.

“And my number 11 is Mohammed Polo, the best player I have ever played with.”

Joe Addo’s Best Black Stars team: Joe Carr, Haruna Yusif, Hesse Odamten, Isaac Acquaye, Kuuku Dadzie, Abdul Razak, John Bannerman, Stephen Appiah, Abedi Pele, Opoku Nti, Mohammed Polo.

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