Eto’o says he’s the Greatest African player of all time and names the only center forward who was better than him in the world

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Two times treble winner Samuel Eto’o has reiterated that he’s the Greatest African footballer of all time, while also taking a swipe at Senegal legend El-Hadji Diouf and Ivory Coast legend Didier Drogba.

Former Liverpool player El-Hadji Diouf recently claimed he’s the Greatest African player of all time, the statement has started a wrangle amongst African football lovers on who the greatest African footballer of all time is, with others mentioning the name of Chelsea legend Didier Drogba.

In spite of all these, former Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o in a live-streamed chat organised by Generation Amazing has rubbished all those claims and restated that he’s the greatest footballer the continent has ever seen.

“Even if my brother Diouf the last time, with an extra glass, got a little lost, there is no debate”, said Eto’o, in a reference to the Diouf video where the former Liverpool man appeared a little drunk.

“None of them [Diouf and Drogba] can come and say that they were at my level or better. And it’s not the fact that I say it, it’s a fact, it’s something that is there. I wanted to be number one and I have been throughout my career.”

Eto’o also went to say that there was only one center forward who was better than him during his playing days.

“Let’s take all the great players in the world and then mix them with the Africans.”

“And then sort them out by position on the pitch. Who are the ones who have been the best?”, he questioned.

“I think that among all the center forwards, after Ronaldo “El fonomeno”, I would be a contender for second position with the others because Ronaldo “El fonomeno” I have the greatest respect for and he’s beyond competition, but with the others I think they know”, he completed.

Samuel Eto’o won back to back treble with 2 different clubs, Barcelona in 2009 and Inter Milan in 2010.

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