Ebusua Dwarfs clash with Tamale City in final game of GPL playoff, how do they stand? What does each team need to qualify?

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Ebusua Dwarfs and Tamale City will face off in the final game of the three way playoff to determine the replacement of demoted AshantiGold in the Premier League.

The first two games of the playoff saw Liberty Professionals come from a goal down to beat Ebusua Dwarfs 3-1 and the second game saw Tamale City beat Liberty Professionals 1-0.

The results from the two games leaves the race for the sole Premier League slot wide open, with all three teams involved having a chance of qualifying, but what does each side need?



What does the regulations say?

Article 7 section 4: The club which has scored the highest number of points at the end of the league shall be declared the champion. If two or more teams obtain the same number of points at the end of the competition, their ranking shall be determined as follows and in the stated order:

(a) Greater number of points obtained in matches between the clubs concerned during the competition.

(b) Goal difference resulting from the match(es) between the teams concerned.

(c) Greater number of goals scored in the match(es) between the teams concerned.

(d) Greater number of goals scored away from home in matches between the teams concerned.

(e) In the event there is still a tie after the application of all the above, the GFA shall organize a play-off between/or amongst the teams concerned at a neutral ground.

What does each team need to qualify?

Tamale City

Tamale City go into the final game against Ebusua Dwarfs with a bigger chance of qualifying. The Tamale-based side currently need to just avoid losing against Ebusua Dwarfs to secure promotion.

A win will see them finish the playoff with six points, whiles a draw will see them finish with four points. A defeat by any margin completely dashes their qualification hopes.

Ebusua Dwarfs

Currently sitting bottom of the table after losing their first game 3-1. Ebusua Dwarfs who have a minus two goal difference will need to beat Tamale City by three goals margin to secure the Premier League slot.

Liberty Professionals

Liberty’s hopes of qualifying hinges so much on the result of today’s game. The Dansoman-based side will hope Tamale City suffer defeat and Ebusua Dwarfs doesn’t win by more than three goals margin.

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