Don Bortey vs Charles Taylor: who was better?

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In recent days, the long standing debate on who was better between Don Bortey and Charles Taylor has been reignited.

The two players are regarded amongst the best to ever play in the Ghana Premier league and had successful spells at Hearts of Oak.

Charles Taylor was part of the Hearts of Oak team that won the club’s first-ever Champions League trophy in 2000, whiles Don Bortey was part of the Hearts of Oak team that defeated Charles Taylor’s Asante Kotoko to win the maiden edition of the CAF Confederation Cup in 2004.

The duo since their hay days attracted comparisons from the media, fans and analysts. Well that comparison has again been reignited on social media.

Most football fans have taken to social media to express their view on the subject matter. Opinions have fairly been distributed and not even the two compared have been silent on the subject matter.

Speaking to Sikka Sports, Don Bortey revealed that he was miles ahead of Charles Taylor during their playing days. He went on to talk of how former Black Stars skipper Stephen Appiah viewed him.

“I’m better than Charles Taylor,” he told Sikka Sports.

“You don’t need to brag on radio when you believe you are better than me. People should judge your performance on the pitch. Stephen Appiah is even afraid of me, he knows I’m a wizard in football,” he added.

Charles Taylor wasn’t going to let this slide by, he also shared his opinion. Despite lauding Don Bortey for his qualities, he continued to reveal that he was better than Don Bortey.

“Bortey has some qualities which I don’t have, that is his accurate free kicks and crosses which were superb. He was good in that aspect which I didn’t see myself doing that since I wasn’t good at set pieces. With that notwithstanding, I also had better foot works which he didn’t have”.

“If he will not be partial and speak the truth, then I can say am better than him. He even knows he does not come close as football is concern” he said.

Both players established themselves as a household name in the Ghana Premier league. Don Bortey was much known for his pace, dead ball abilities, shooting ability and goal scoring prowess. An attribute even Charles Taylor commended. Charles Taylor on the other hand was known for his goal scoring prowess, amazing ball control and excellent dribbling skills.

The duo at a point played for Hearts of Oak and were part of the famous 64 battalion squad that dominated Ghana football for a while. They both enjoyed some successful years at Hearts of Oak, with the pair once joint premier league top scorers after netting 18 times apiece.

Charles Taylor though later became an enemy to most Hearts fans, he joined arch rivals Asante Kotoko in a lucrative deal in 2003. Yet still the beauty of seeing Taylor with the ball cannot be denied.

Frankly, the wrangle on who’s better between the two doesn’t look like one that is going to end soon. It is one that is going to continue for years and generations to come.

Personally, choosing a favorite between the two is tantamount to choosing between your mum and your dad, but as far as i’m concerned, making a choice between the two comes down to what an individual values. It is about who embodied your way of looking at the world.

This has often been framed in terms of pure beauty (Charles Taylor) and ruthless efficiency (Don Bortey).

Below are some posts and opinions regarding the two from Facebook and Twitter:

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