Despite Coronavirus pandemic, the Belarus league still plays on, but how are they managing the situation?

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Coronavirus continues to proliferate and spread like a wildfire in harmattan. The virus has so far infected 3,000,000+ people and killed more than 238,000.

The virus has disrupted events across the world including sports, well it is business in the Belarus Premier League. The league continues to play on and remains the only active league in Europe, but how are they coping with the situation?

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the president of Belarus in a televised speech said: ‘There shouldn’t be any panic. You just have to work, especially now, in a village. Tractors will cure everyone. The field heals everyone.

‘Go to the banya [a Russian-style sauna]. Two or three times a week will do you good. When you come out of the sauna, not only wash your hands, but also your insides with 100 millilitres [of vodka].’  

‘It’s better to die standing that to live on your knees,’ he added.

Lukashenko also went on to talk of how the pandemic that has brought football to a standstill in most parts of the world has presented a perfect opportunity for Belarus to put the country’s soccer league on display.

‘I look at Russia and some people there are winning a lot on bets, because beforehand they didn’t really know our teams,’ Lukashenko said. 

‘Someone’s losing, someone’s winning. It’s all useful.’

With the virus continuing to cause damage, fans are still allowed into the stands to watch the games, but they have to get their temperatures checked at the entrance and are asked to wear masks and use hand sanitizer.

The Football Federation of Belarus few weeks said that only three players in the league have so far been tested for coronavirus, and none were positive.

Belarus has far recorded 14,917 Coronavirus cases, 2,918 recoveries and 93 deaths.

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