“Case Yaamutu, let’s move on and support the current administration” – Ebo Appiah, spokesperson of Osei Palmer

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Spokesperson of William Osei Kwaku Palmer, Ebo Appiah has stated that it is time to move on from the hubbub that has been in the football circles over the past year and support the current Ghana Football Association (GFA) administration.

William Osei Palmer dragged the defunct Normalization Committee (NC) to the Court of Arbitration (CAS) seeking redress for various reliefs after he was disqualified from contesting in the 2019 GFA presidential elections.

Unfortunately, his case against GFA was dismissed by CAS.

“We thought we had a case, but CAS says we don’t so we move on. Case yaamutu [dead]. We are sportsmen not politicians so we will give our support to the current administration,” Ebo Appiah told Happy Sports.

“It is time to move on so let’s behave like mature men.Every litigation comes to an end at some point and this litigation, has come to an end so our message to everyone is, let’s all of us support this current administration.”

He added: “Justice has no price so it is not about money . It is a game so you lose some and you win some. Palmer has won a CAS before and he lost this one. Palmer thank everyone including the normalization committee.”

Kurt Okraku will continue to lead the administration until the next election is held in 2023.

The future for Osei Palmer in Ghana football remains unclear, the Tema Youth bankroller earlier rejected an appointment by the GFA Executive Council on the Ad-hoc Committee.

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