CAF orders GFA to meet eight conditions before World Cup playoff against Nigeria or face financial sanction

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The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has approved the Baba Yara Sports Stadium for Ghana’s World Cup playoff against Nigeria.

This comes in after the Cape Coast Stadium which was initially scheduled to host the game to be played on Friday, March 25 was rejected due to the deplorable nature of the pitch after Ghana’s 65th Independence celebration.

Despite the approval, CAF has ordered the Ghana FA to improve certain conditions of the Stadium before the game or face financial sanctions. They include:

1. Installation of new international standard, modern and comfortable officials’ benches at pitch level;

2. Adjustment of the floodlight intensity. A minimum of 1200 Lux should be provided all over the pitch, covering uniformly every area of the playing field;

3. Increase seating and lockers in the teams dressing rooms to reach (25) persons;

4. Installation of completely new modern equipment and materials in the referees dressing rooms and ensure that is equipped with all the necessary materials and CAF requirements;

5. Set up the water system to provide both cold and hot water in the teams and officials dressing room;

6. General refurbishment of the CAF office, installation of modern desks and seats, including the necessary electronic and working equipment;

7. VOC must be available and equipped with all the necessary equipment and requirements;

8. Complete refurbishment of the media tribune, press conference room and media centre, installing new and modern equipment.

CAF will designate a stadium inspector to conduct an onsite assessment of the aforementioned up till the day of the match.

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