Black Satellites and Dreams FC manager Karim Zito warns footballers on mixing excessive sex with football

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Gaffer of Dreams FC and Black Satellites Karim Zito has warned footballers on mixing excessive sex with football. The Dreams FC manager believes that having excessive sex reduces a player’s career span.

Over the years, there have been plethora of debates on whether having regular sex enhances a footballer’s performance or mars it. Well Coach Karim Zito belongs to the school of thought that sex reduces a player’s performance and career span.

Speaking in an interview with Adeiso based radio station TRU FM, the Black Satellites manager said.

“Sex reduces the energy and the strength, even see how you pant when kissing too much. You can run for about one mile before sweating but check about how you sweat within two to three minutes when having sex.

“It takes about three days with a nourishing food and costarred to replace or regain that energy after sex. How many current players knows costarred? They don’t know. The costarred is a yellowish bottled meal which is prepared with egg like porridge. It boost the energy but off late is out of production and I don’t see it again. It helps to regain your energy after three days.

“The moment you sex a woman your blood also works fast. If you have ten years to play a football, sex can reduce it to eight to seven years”, he concluded.

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