Bernard Morrison opens up on his reported arrest by Tanzania police

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Ghanaian play maker Bernard Morrison has finally broken his silence after wild reports of his arrest filled the media space on Thursday afternoon with claims he was in possession of drugs.

The former AshGold and AS Vita Club midfielder was reported to have been arrested for possessing Indian Hemp (Wee) on Thursday afternoon in Tanzania.

But in an exclusive interview with, Morrison denied those reports insisting he was not even arrested as reported.

He explained his decision not to renew his contract with Yanga is what is causing such fictitious stories flying everywhere in Tanzania.

Speaking to on Friday morning, the Takoradi-born midfielder who had some stints with South African giants Orlando Pirates before joining Yanga revealed that there was a confrontation with the police but no arrest was effected.

“I was not arrested,” he started.

“I was on my way to the bank in an Uber car when the police just confronted us, claiming they had smelt wee in the car.

“After speaking to the driver for some time, they said they had to take me to the police station to search me there which I resisted. I insisted they searched me right where they stopped me.

“I went back into the car and asked the driver to move but they stopped the car from moving. They kept frustrating me until I decided to step out and walk to my hotel since it was a few meters away.

“I did that because I didn’t want to go to the police station. I knew when I’m walking on the streets and they keep harassing me, people will take videos and photos with their phones and that could push them away.

“While moving, they followed me for some few minutes and when people started filming, they stopped. That was when someone took a photo behind us with claims I had been arrested,” he narrated.

“I took my phone to take a video of what they were doing and they forcefully took the phone from me. I forced myself to reclaim my phone and that was when they were pushing me back to the car.”

Morrison added that he expected that to happen because of his refusal to extend his contract with Yanga.

The Ghanaian a few weeks ago was seen walking off the pitch when he was substituted in their biggest clash of the season with Simba and refused talking to the media after that game, insisting he could only speak in his native Fante language.

Morisson’s refusal for a contract renewal isn’t going down well with the entire Yanga family and he insists the police who confronted him were their fans.

“Because I play for Yanga, where I stay is dominated by their fans 100%.

“So the police who did that only wanted to create a scene to damage my image.

“How could you claim you smell wee on somebody but can’t search him right there and want to take him to the police station,? he asked.

“If indeed they were in to work, why didn’t they arrest me by force but allowed me to go? In the evening, many Tanzanians who saw me with other players at a restaurant were surprised because they had read I had been arrested. It’s false, no one has arrested me and I’m doing well,” he added.

Sources in Tanzania claim Morisson is on his way to joining Simba FC who are the bitterest rivals of Yanga hence the recent bust up with the side.


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