Ban slapped on center referee for the game involving Asante Kotoko and King Faisal overturned

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The Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has cleared Referee Julian Nunoo after he was banned by the Disciplinary Committee (DC) for poor officiating in the gameweek 6 Premier League encounter between Asante Kotoko and King Faisal.

Asante Kotoko after their 3-2 defeat to their rivals in December issued a complaint to the GFA over a goal which was wrongly disallowed by Referee Julian Nunoo and his Assistant (Referee Roland Addy).

In the 9th minute of the game, George Mfegue made a beautiful run to score a goal which could have cancelled an early goal scored by Zubairu Ibrabim. However, the goal was disallowed by the Julian Nunoo after Assistant Referee Roland Addy rose his flag and called for offside.

The Match review panel after their observation announced that George Mfegue was onside and the goal was wrongly disallowed, thus Julian Nunoo and his assistant were banned for four games each.

Julian Nunoo was unhappy with the verdict and made an appeal. The Appeals Committee after revising the documents relied upon by the DC overturned the ban.


This is an appeal by Centre Referee Julian Nunoo against the decision of the Match Review Panel relating to the match between Asante Kotoko Football Club and King Faisal Football Club,

We have reviewed the documents relied upon by the Panel, including a video footage of the incident subject matter of the decision. We note from the video footage that the off-side decision was made by the Appellant when his Assistant who was ahead of him and in line with the players, raised his flag, signaling off-side.

The video footage clearly shows that the Referee could not have overruled the Assistant Referee and therefore he cannot be faulted for making the off-side decision.

In the circumstances, we allow the appeal and set aside the decision of the Match Review Panel. We further direct that the Ghana Football Association refund to the Appellant all reasonable expenses made in pursing this appeal including the filing fees paid.

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  1. Voila! The evil grand plan of The FA & referees to break down Kotoko is at play. After the atrocities are done , they subtley release them & the uncunning cannot cannot read the diabolical scheme.

  2. That’s their own cup of tea. The FA may think their agenda is to frustrate Kotoko but they should know very well that they are rather destroying Ghana League and are exposing their incompetence. Why do they rely on their said VAR on only issues against Kotoko? Where was the VAR when a doubtful penalty was awarded against Kotoko at Brekum? Where was it when in one match Danlad moved to save a penalty but the movement of Elmina Sharks’ goalie to save a penalty could not be captured?
    Personally, I think the bias in the commentary of Startimes on matches involving Kotoko is highly unprofessional. You may check them. Watch their reaction when Kotoko was awarded the penalty against King Faisal and RTU in Kumasi. Again, the comments in Aduana match. Couldn’t they have used the same VAR to authenticate the said goal that was ruled offside against King Faisal? I’m not saying Kotoko should be favoured but let us instill fairness on the system to promote quality league in order to produce worthy champions.

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