Appeals Committe release verdict of George Afriyie’s appeal against his disqualification from the 2023 GFA elections

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The Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), has thrown out an appeal from George Afriyie in regards to his disqualification from participating in the 2023 GFA Presidential election.

The Susubiribi bankroller was disqualified by the Elections Committee of GFA for breaching Article 13 (2) (j) of the Ghana Football Association Statutes, 2019 and also failure to provide the required number of Ghana Football Association Members to support your candidature.

Per the Committee, George Afriyie failed to provide the required number of GFA members to endorse his candidature. He as well used an unqualified person – Jeffrey Asare – to endorse his nomination forms and it was later found out that Asare wasn’t a Director at Victory Club Warriors FC as he had claimed on the forms.

“For the position of GFA President, you were required to state one GFA Member proposing your Candidature and five (5) GFA Members supporting it per the GFA Statutes 2019. We therefore conclude that your endorsement by Jeffrey Asare is invalid,” a section of the statement said.

“Due to the above invalidity, your nomination form currently has four (4) GFA Members supporting you. In light of this, you do not meet the requirements to contest the election for the position of President of the GFA.”

George Afriyie was unhappy with the verdict, hence appealed the decision. The Appeals Committee after adjudicating the matter has supported the decision of the Election Committee.

The decision means Kurt Edwin Simon Okraku will go unopposed by the GFA elections scheduled for Wednesday, September 27 in Tamale.

Below is the full verdict:

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