Alhaji Grusah advices Ghanaian footballers over womanizing

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With the Ghana Premier League suspended due to the coronavirus virus pandemic, footballers have been asked to go home as Doctors and researchers continue to find ways to help eradicate the virus and in the process bring football back to life.

There have been reports that local players are at this time massively involved in promiscuity.

Speaking in an interview with ADOM FM, veteran football administrator Alhaji Grusah warned Ghanaian footballers against the act. 

He explained that many players failed to reach their potential due to the ungodly behaviour, and has advised footballers to desist from such lifestyle.

“Ghanaians don’t help players. Players have to help themselves. If you are asked to go and do training and you go and do womanizing then it is up to you. If you have a wife that is fine,” he told Adom TV.

“We have seen a lot of players who couldn’t advance their career because of womanizing so they [player] need to stop the womanizing because it won’t help them” he concluded.

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