Albert Commey slams politicians and people against government offering financial assistance to clubs

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Techiman Eleven Wonders Albert Commey has slammed politicians in Ghana and branded them as ‘selfish’.

Football in Ghana has been at a standstill since mid March due to the ban on social gathering by the government to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Inspite of the ban on social gathering, political activities in the country are still being held whiles the future of the country’s football leagues still remains uncertain.

“Accra Sports Stadium’s capacity is around 40000, meanwhile the stadium is never filled to its capacity,” he told Happy FM.

“The government can give the supporters up to 20000 seats whilst in other stadia that takes 5000 supporters. The government can allow the teams to allow 2000 supporters in there. They have ignored us but with their politics they did anything they wish. I’ve always sympathized with them in these COVID-19.”

“These are some of the reasons I am not comfortable around politicians, they are selfish.”

Mr. Albert Commey went on to talk about the recent NPP parliamentary primaries and the financial package Ghana Football Association (GFA) is expecting from government in bid to lessen the financial woes on clubs in these tempestuous times.

“I watched television on Saturday and I watched everything going on,  they just did not observe any of the COVID-19 protocols.”

“We are not playing football and our Cost is also increasing which are are not getting any income in these times,” he continued.

“Some people say Government should still not give us any amount of the stimulus I call those people witches and wizards. Football helps a lot in this country”, he added.

The fate of the country’s football leagues will be decided by the FA latest by June 30.

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